how does it work?

We interact with real, active profiles tailored to your account to draw attention to your profile – Resulting in real likes and followers.

When will I see results?

You will start to see results immediately as soon as we receive your order and activate your subscription.  There will be a ‘warm-up’ period for the first week or so to determine the most effective audiences that respond to your profile.  As time goes on, the sky is the limit!

How many followers can I expect?

Short answer:  It depends.

Long answer:  Various factors come in to account such as current account size, age of account, your account theme, how active you are, and others.  Our Personal Plan typical results are around 500 or more followers per week.  With followers of 750 – 1000+ per week with our Business Growth plan.  These results will vary.

Can I still use my account while the service is active?

Yes! You can use your account just as you normally would.